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Name:Linkavitch "Link" Chomofsky
Birthdate:Oct 6
This is a roleplaying journal for the character of Link from Encino Man, portrayed by Brendan Fraser. The character belongs to Hollywood Pictures.

Mun: Ael ([info]martyfan)

History: Link used to live in a cave in the middle of the last ice age with his female companion. During an earthquake, he was buried and frozen, and remained that way until the early 1990s when two high school students dug him up and thawed him out. Confronted with a living caveman who had no knowledge of personal space, social rules, taboos, or modern amenities, they attempted to pass him off as a foreign exchange student with surprising success.

Personality: Link is extremely curious and will eat almost anything that looks remotely edible, including eggshells, dog food, formaldehyde-soaked frogs (lightly toasted over a Bunsen burner), and plastic food wrappers. His verbal mimicry is decent with most of it as just straight-up imitation rather than actual understanding, though he does understand a few words such as his assigned name, "no,""ow,""family," and "gonzagas" (breasts). However, he is very good at interpreting body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. He loves to interact with people and hates to see others upset, though he doesn't always respond appropriately by modern standards. Despite his typical fun-loving ways and general inability to become angry, he is capable of deep feelings of grief and sadness.

Interests (43):

amusement parks, anything edible, anything inedible, arcade games, betty nugs, biting, cave paintings, cigarette lighters, combustion engines, dancing, doorbells, driving, drums, eating, everything in the world, family, females, fire, food art, frogs, fun, gonzagas, high school, hitting things with sticks, hugging, hunting, imitating, jumping off tall things, mimicry, mirrors, music, quarters, rad mobile, rock and roll, rock-and-roll, rollercoasters, running, scooters, screaming, shiny things, spanish, things that smell nice, weezing the juice
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